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It's time to build our own...
We are in the process of creating an online community and marketplace that allows black owned businesses a place to interact, showcase and sell products and services to the world.

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We have big visions for the Black Owned Economy community. As we continue to support and offer value to you guys through the Facebook group, we are in the process of making a real change for Black Owned businesses to succeed.




Check out our online events featuring live chats, interviews, motivational and educational discussions.

  • B.O.E LIVE ROOMS: New Year, New Truths
  • B.O.E LIVE ROOMS: New Year, KNOW you - The current you is awesome....let us reintroduce you!
  • We Talk Wednesdays
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  • B.O.E Valentine's Virtual Fair
  • We Talk Wednesdays
    Instagram Live
  • We Talk Wednesdays
    Instagram Live
  • We Talk Wednesdays
    Instagram Live


Every Sunday we select a Black Owned Business to give them a well deserved spotlight.


You may well have come across B.O.E via our facebook group. We recognise the potential challenges and uncertainties that come with solely having the platform limited to Facebook, so our next steps are to develop the website further, along with a number of concepts for developing our community.Make sure you're you're signed up to our mailing list to keep updated.

website platform

We are hoping to build a platform in addition to the facebook group. This will be a directory but so much more. A three-way partnership between customers, B.O.E, and the wonderful businesses and services you guys offer. A space for all lines of expertise to showcase.

business expo's

We are planning on two annual B2C expo’s for businesses to set up stalls and sell their products to the public. An opportunity to network and meet one another.

Award Ceremonies

An opportunity to annually highlight and celebrate the hard work and progression businesses have put into not only themselves but also the community.


A fund to be able to invest back into a small business to help them make steps to progress their businesses. A chance to show we believe in the ideas and to help individual/s take their next steps to greatness.

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Afro Inspired

This group has already helped my business grow. I have gained hundreds of more followers made sales. I am so grateful.

soraya joof

CEO of Book Dynasty

I sold out of books in the first two days and since that time i've managed to boost my following by 80%, gain 13 new black authors who I now order from monthly, allowing me to support their journey too.

aline manirambona


This is an amazing platform and i've had a lot of enquires for mortgages from this group. It's unbelievable.




This group has come when I didn’t realise how much it was needed by us all. With your help to highlight my Mortgage Business. I’ve been able to offer real advice and practical solutions to people which in turn gives me purpose. I was at an all time low on Father’s Day and you’ve lifted my spirits. 

Vuyisa Akuchie

Couture Surprises

The support for my business has been overwhelming. This platform is a positive space to promote your business and interact with the positive black community.


Black Mumpreneurs Network

This has been such a much needed platform with phenomenal talent and resources.As an entrepreneur with 3 businesses, I have found this platform very useful in many ways.The genuine support has been absolutely amazing and I’m glad to be a part of history in the making.

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 thank you 

I want to start by saying an overwhelming thank you to everyone who has supported us and been apart of Black Owned Economy.

Hi, I’m Jaidee Saddler, Founder of Black Owned Economy. I started this business in a turbulent and unprecedented time; at a point where I found myself frustrated.
Frustrated because, yes, protesting is right, but as a people we need more especially when its all said and done.
We need to come together and create wealth within our community- we need to support our black owned businesses and start to celebrate each others creativity. The same way we support other communities.
We need to build, we need to own, so we can start to be on a level playing field financially, politically and within society.

We provide Black owned business a platform where they can interact with each other, learn from each other’s success and failures, support each other and more importantly buy and sell their products and services.

The BOE community consists of Black owned businesses, entrepreneurs, industry experts, potential customers and supporters.

Jaidee Saddler

CEO & Founder

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