These rooms are set up for B.O.E group members to host an interactive room/zoom, with a topic of their choice which relates to their area of expertise and the B.O.E monthly theme.  The B.O.E Rooms are on Thursdays, and are moderated by Jermaine Ranger.

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What brought you to the Black Owned Economy Group?

Something inside of me wanted to do more than march or protest and having had discussions with friends and family members it was apparent they too felt the same and wanted to approach the issues from another angle.  After the discussion we came to the same conclusions; The main global tool which can be used to get a voice heard is 'Wealth'.   After discussing this is great detail, my cousin Jaidee Saddler decided to set up a Facebook group called Black Owned Economy, and her aim was to take the first steps towards building a network of black owned businesses from anywhere around world to support, interact and engage with one another.  When the group began to grow Jaidee then brought on board us as family members and close friends to help assist with the moderating of the group.

What can people expect from a BOE Room Live Online event?

Our B.O.E live rooms allow members of our group to host a 'zoom' like arena, where they can discuss specialist topics or showcase particular aspects of their businesses in an interactive format.  The topics that they choose directly link to whatever B.O.E monthly theme that we will be pushing.

What are you looking to achieve from your BOE Rooms?

These rooms provide the rest of the group with lots of expert knowledge and information, on topics of interest to them.

What do you do with your spare time?

Other than cooking and eating far too much, my main focus is being at home with my family.  I have 4 kids in my household (not including me lol), so you can imagine this keeps me pretty busy.  In my 9 to 5 job I am a Facilities & Front of House Manager at The Tetley Art Gallery in Leeds.

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