business of the year AWARD NOMINEES

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

b.o.e business of the year nominees all deserve to be celebrated in recognition for all they have achieved throughout 2020.


cocoa girl/boy magazine


Inspired by her daughter, Founder Serlina launched the UK’s first magazine to celebrate Black girls, Cocoa Girl. Giving Black children a voice whilst educating the community about the Black culture.

Cocoa magazine is filled with inspiring and empowering content for children aged 7-11 years old. Cocoa is the UK’s first magazine representing Black children and gives them a voice.




michael L Harper

My name is Michael Harper and I'm an Integrated Freelance Graphic Designer.

This all started when I was a kid, I used to spend countless amount of hours sketching cartoon characters. I then studied Graphics throughout school, college and university. Which led to my career path, I have worked for several design agencies as a full time employee which allowed me to work with many iconic brands. After several years in the industry I then transitioned over to becoming a Freelance designer, and this is what I’m currently doing to date.

I am currently learning how to animate as this is one of my main new hobbies. I also illustrate on a day to day basis, which fits in well with my animations. I also spend a lot of time designing children’s educational books.



black eats ldn

Owner Jackson’s devotion to exploring cuisines materialised into an App and website, Black Eats London but with a specific purpose; to raise the profile of Black-owned restaurants. Marrying pictures of food on his Instagram with Black restaurants became Jackson’s niche.




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