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Innovative marketing awarD WINNERS

Updated: Jan 20

The B.O.E innovative marketing awards are a group of awards created to show recognition for those creative business minds who have consistently utilised the black owned economy group structure to create a buzz around their businesses and causes.


OUR VISION We all need information, help, support, advice and guidance at some point in our lives and Mentivity is here to provide this support to our local and global communities. We support our young people, students and staff in schools, families and the wider community to enhance social cohesion, improve educational outcomes and raise aspirations across the board. Our passion and drive to improve the personal, social, educational and employment outcomes for our young people continues to be at the very heart of our work. We want to create a longlasting legacy so that our much needed work and support continues on within our communities.

We are committed to helping and assisting our young people, giving them the opportunity to achieve their true potential and shape their futures through empowerment, accountability, critical thinking, perseverance, responsibility and humility.



mahogany market

Creating a platform for entrepreneurs in grassroots organisations & businesses,

from the African & Caribbean diaspora, to connect & trade within their local community enabling them to grow & flourish.

Mahogany Market is a new socially distanced shopping experience that is here to serve the community. We believe in providing our shoppers with quality products from local black-owned businesses. Since day one, genuine love and passion for our community have defined who we are and what we do.



michael L Harper

My name is Michael Harper and I’m an Integrated Freelance Graphic Designer. This all started when I was a kid, I used to spend countless amount of hours sketching cartoon characters. I then studied Graphics throughout school, college and university. Which led to my career path, I have worked for several design agencies as a full time employee which allowed me to work with many iconic brands. After several years in the industry I then transitioned over to becoming a Freelance designer, and started my own business and this is what I’m currently doing to date.

I am currently learning how to animate as this is one of my main new hobbies. I also illustrate on a day to day basis, which fits in well with my animations. I also spend a lot of time designing children’s educational material.



Little crown story house

Hello Everyone, my Name is Delvene AKA ‘Del Del’ And Am The Founder Of Little Crowns Storyhouse.

I Fell In Love With Puppetry At Age 14 When I Was Chosen To Perform A Puppet Show To