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Young entrepreneur award NOMINEES

Updated: Jan 20

The B.O.E young entrepreneur award, is a chance to highlight the hard work and wonderful business minds of our youth. These three nominees and all the young black entrepreneurs are Proof the future is bright.



Jam Brothers, Josiah and Malachi, are the creators of The Cream Warehouse. Two teens aged 18 and 16 who make and sell vegan friendly Shea butter based products that have young, fresh and fun fragrances, as well as products that are fragrance free which make you feel great and smell great.



Cairo's Creams

Hi my name is Cairo and I'm 11yrs old and I'm the CEO of Cairos creams.

I make these creams because many other skin and hair products still contain other chemicals. I have dry and sensitive skin, so I needed to find a suitable product which would hydrate and rejuvenate my skin and to soothe irritation.

I have been researching organic ingredients which have fantastic skin moisturizing and healing properties but what is affordable and accessible to me. I also want to use fair trade products which are supporting communities and families both in Africa and here in the UK. All my products are hand made by me and are 100% organic I hope you love my products as much as me and my family do.



Kids Black History

This is your one stop shop for everything black history for kids. For decades, we have longed for black history to be part of the national curriculum in both our primary and secondary schools and still today we are waiting. KidsBlackHistory has been created to enable young children from all over the globe the privilege to learn black history beyond what is told in schools during one month. Children will learn what the continent of Africa has offered society and the beauty of melanin in the world today. This channel is owed by BA (Hons) Secondary school teacher , Head of Year scholar and mother of YouTube: RaiyahFunPlay. We hope your children can enjoy learning with KidsBlackHistory and spread their knowledge to others.



Don't forget to tune in to the first annual B.O.E Awards Show, broadcasting live at 7pm on Sunday 20th December. Register here for details.