Updated: Feb 19

Daniel Saddler, Author and Producer of his own life and destiny

In a savage world where you can be famous for knowing absolutely nothing, having no talent, no guile, no vision….wait a minute, I need to stop. How can I write a blog that makes me sound so bitter hahaha.

Let me introduce myself first,

My name is Daniel. I am just an average guy, with an average beginning, an average middle, but one hopes to have a more than an average end. In a world that is consumed by racism, division, greed and oh yes the virus, Covid, I find myself searching for answers to questions that no one seems to be asking.

No, I am not a conspiracy theorist.

But surely if the masses are being directed to look at one particular item in life then it is only natural to assume that we are missing something else that is creeping behind to blind and consume us.

It wouldn’t be correct of me to say this is the reason behind We Talk Wednesday, because it isn’t. We started WTW to give the BOE community a point of view looking at things from a business and customer prospective. But slowly it has evolved into something else. It is now a place where my Mother, Yvette (my hero), and Myself can talk openly about anything and everything. For both of us, speaking out in public has never come easy, so this platform is not something that feels natural but overtime I came to realisation that if you never speak out, no one will hear your voice. If you don’t stand up, no one can see you.

Life is far too short to allow your fears to consume your dreams and ambitions, to strive to be the best, means to strive to be the best version of yourself, if you do that, you will succeed. The best example I had of that is my Mother. As a child I took who, and what she was to me for granted. But as I get older, with a child of my own, and life always trying to overawe me, it is only now that I begin to understand just how much of Heroine my Mother really was. As a single mother raising four kids, learning to drive, studying two languages, pressing forward for her degree, carer to her own mother, paying the bills, keeping the home, finding Jesus, all whilst dealing with the oppression of an abusive marriage, she STILL managed to win at life. I can honestly say that growing up, we 100% wanted for nothing. We had plenty of everything, and most importantly we had an abundance of love.

Only through honest and open dialogue with Mum do I fully understand my childhood through her eyes, and it is that philosophy that I want to bring to all the discussions we choose to have on We Talk Wednesdays. Leaving no stone unturned, no conversation taboo. Because if through our openness we can help just one person get through this maze of life then I would consider that a success.


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