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Updated: Jan 24

So our first ever tutoring programme was a huge success! Lets meet the tutors that made this all possible.

Amba lanning

Maya Angelou said "your legacy is the lives you touch”. So, I decided to use my skills the best way I knew how. I was always successful in education, I would teach my friends and I worked for tutoring companies while studying, so I knew teaching was ‘my thing'. I came to realise education is yours to keep, nothing and no one can take that away from you and that is power. But I didn’t want to be a part of the regular school system, the system that wants everyone to be the same, that doesn’t care about individuality or improving self-confidence. I wanted to give that to people, give them the chance to widen their opportunities in life, so that they could have the tools to make their own stamp in this world. So, I started Inta Educate 2 years ago to make this dream a reality."



Moji alawiye

"From an educational background with over 20 years of classroom and freelance experience teaching across all Key Stages. Education for me, is the fundamental driver in improving poverty and empowering individuals to become self-sufficient. Education allows individuals to flourish, innovate their life and that of the community, thereby, becoming productive member of society since EDUCATION is The Great Equaliser and The Great Enabler."


Daniella blechner

Daniella Blechner is an Award-Winning entrepreneur, Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing, Author and Book Journey Mentor who lives in South London. Over the last four years, she has published over 80 books, mentored over 190 authors and aspiring authors assisting them in transforming their powerful stories and messages into successful books.

Dubbed the ‘class clown’ in her former years, Daniella has always sought to bring joy and humour to other’s lives and believes that humour is the best medicine in times of challenge.

Achievements include surviving lockdown alone, gaining 400+ comments on a post about what to do with cabbage during lockdown, completing the Don’t Rush Challenge, living in Tanzania as a voluntary teacher whilst getting away with speaking broken Swahili and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and getting to the top!

With 11+ years of teaching experience, Daniella also runs online English sessions for KS3 and 4 as well as KS2 Storytelling workshops.

Daniella offers free 30min consultations for anyone interested in writing and publishing a book as she believes that everyone has a story inside and the power is using it to positively impact another.





Joy Liasu

"My name is Joy Liasu, I'm a full-time science teacher, head of year and also the director of Joy Learning Limited. Building positive relationships with children and motivating them to achieve their personal best is my passion. My approach is to combine teaching with mentoring, shaping my student's mindsets towards assertiveness, independence, resilience and positivity. I've worked with hundreds of families and children in my local community and I hope to have a positive impact on much more. Joy Learning was established in 2013 as a Saturday school and quickly grew into several tutoring centres in South East London. With the support of my community, Joy Learning has successfully transitioned into online tutoring in response to the current pandemic.

My tutors share my passions and are trained by me personally to ensure you receive high quality tutoring and mentoring for your child.

My service provides tutoring in Maths, English, Sciences and 11+ Common Entrance Exam. I appreciate you taking the time to read my biography"




Serena DeCordova

Serena (Miss deCordova) is a qualified primary school teacher, who has worked in an independent school for 10 years. In her last school she was the Head of Inclusion and Enrichment with responsibility for ensuring that appropriate provision was in place both for children experiencing barriers to their learning and those requiring additional challenge and stretch. Serena draws on her extensive knowledge and experience of teaching KS1 and KS2 children when planning and delivering her 1:1 and small group lessons.

In addition to tutoring, Serena is a mum of two and an aspiring children’s author, with a love for two ‘W’s’, walking and writing.

Misha Grosha

"I have been performing since the age of 3, but working professionally for 6 years.

Previously I performed in many amateur shows and featured in music videos, but my love for teaching never died. I decided I wanted to become a dance coach and a mentor to young people. In 2015 I studied at Bucks University in High Wycombe with a fantastic company called Urban Strides. There I completed my teachers training course where I gained my level 4 RSL Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching & Child Protection.

Fast track to 2020 I now own my company called Unity Dance Academy. Unity Dance Academy is an established dance school specializing in street dance, contemporary and freestyle. We break down any social anxieties and explore our mental and physical health through the power of dance.




Amara Lalemi-Jacobs & Jessica Opoku-afriye

As Masters students in STEM degrees, Amara Lalemi-Jacobs and Jessica Opoku-Afriyie were faced with many challenges throughout their studies, such as being the first members of their families to go to university as well as being the only ethnic minority, and sometimes the only females, in their classes. Upon graduating, Amara and Jessica believed that the disinterest in science amongst certain demographics was beginning at a young age and upon further research, their suspicions were confirmed.

According to a report from CFE Research for Welcome, on average, only one hour and twenty-four minutes is spent teaching science in primary schools, an insufficient amount of time to inspire children into following educational careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Amara and Jessica decided it was time to change this. Beginning with school visits and interactive assemblies, and now operating as a specialised children’s club, the pair have been providing children with the inspiration and resources to get engaged with science, all while working full time jobs.

Sci4Us is designed to not feel like an extension of school, but a fun and vibrant environment that encourages children to be engaged and to want to learn. Created for children aged 6-16 for all different backgrounds and races, Sci4Us covers a range of topics across the three sciences in weekly two-hour sessions that align with the National Curriculum. The sessions provide opportunities for children to have a hands-on approach to learning about science, taking part in experiments, going on trips, listening to guest speakers and learning about all the possible career paths within STEM. To date we have provided STEM activities to over 500 children.




final words..

"Thank you so much to all of the tutors who were committed to making "skool" a huge success! the feedback has been nothing short of fantastic.

we would encourage the boe community to support all the above tutors- what they do is phenomenal. We cant thank you all enough!"

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