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Tuesday Learning Live with Saloma Kelly

Saloma Kelly joined us for an evening on the 16th March to share her tips for mananging social media, particularly aimed at working mums. She spoke about the different social media platforms, their general audiences and and which ones might be right for you to use for your business and to target your ideal customer.

With a focus on Instagram, Saloma gave us some great info on engaging and building meaningful connections with your followers and and the importance of creating content that's not just about sharing and selling, but also about entertaining.

Her main points for creating content were:

Share information that educates your audience

Show a transformation that highlights how your product or service can make a difference

Be authentic and take your audience on a journey

The video will remain available to watch in the Facebook group and there is a free download available that Saloma has provided with all her tips on. To access this, please visit www.salomakelly.com/Social

You can also connect with Saloma on her social media accounts below:



Join us on the 31st March where the mumpreneur owner of Fats and Franks will be sharing all her tips for securing big ticket catering jobs.

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