have your say 

There is no future of B.O.E without you guys & we want to make sure we are doing what’s best for community growth; So we would really appreciate if as many of you as possible could complete the below survey regarding Future Black Owned Economy.


Would you like a Directory?
Would you like us to set up Expo's and Fairs?
Would you like us to organise award ceremonies to celebrate your achievements?
Would you like a weekly podcast, blog and newsletter?
Would you be interested in attending the Expo as an exhibitor or as a customer?
The event would be across the course of two days, how many days would you hope to attend?
Initially the Expo's will be UK based, which location would you be most likely to attend?
Would you be willing to travel to an Expo?
The aim is to have two Expo's annually; however we aim to have the first Expo in 2021/22. Which time of year would you be most likely to attend?
We are aware the B.O.E facebook group is worldwide, initially the Expo's would be based in the UK. Would you be interested in Exhibiting virtually?
For exhibitors. What form of exhibiting would best display your business?
For exhibitors. Is your business a registered company?